2 years ago

Behold...the route!

2 years ago
Photos from DC Bike Party's post

You might want to bring a towel on Wednesday if plan to take a dip.

2 years ago

TEST RIDE TONIGHT 7/10: wheels roll from Dupont at 8pm. This is a great way to volunteer, meet the DCBP crew, and help make DC Bike Party's Birthday Ride on Friday awesome!

2 years ago
"Bike Party" the one minute movie


(AND Big congrats to DCBP's very own Bill Mitchell on your amazing project!!)

Currents New Media Festival, Santa Fe, New Mexico, "Bike Party" in VR installation. Enjoy the fun experienced by the "Bike Party" riders. I have to say it's ...

2 years ago

If you didn't get a chance last night, please contribute a few dollars to The DC Center for the LGBT community. They're amazing and you are too!! xoxoxo

Visit the post for more.

2 years ago
DC Bike Party

For sale tonight, DCBP shirts, lovingly made by your Bike Party Team! Get 'em while they last.

T shirts - $15 venmo/paypal, Tanks - $18 venmo/paypal. $3 discount on purchases in cash.

Our new lovingly hand-made shirts come in a variety of flavors, including blueberry, mint chocolate chip, and cherry blossom!

2 years ago

We're hyped, we know you are too! Here's a few things to remember about how to not be a jerk tonight.

DC Bike Party is a LEAVE NO TRACE EVENT. We do not litter, we respect this place we all call home. We do not trample flower beds or tear apart trees when we park our bikes. We do not leave empty containers, discarded wrappers, cigarette butts, or any other “Matter Out of Place” anywhere accept appropriate recycling, composting, or garbage container.

We ride on the right lane, closest to ... See more

2 years ago

Yes it's a rainy Monday, but it's Pride Bike Party Week!

2 years ago

DC Bike Party's Pride Ride is now less than 2 weeks away!
Plenty of time still to sparkle your steed. Thanks to The DC Center for the pointing us in this unicorn-friendly direction: BIODEGRADABLE GLITTER - https://ecostardust.com/ .

What are you working on for your costume?