The Holiday Hustle: Final Notes

DCBP Holiday Hustle UPDATES!

1- Here is the final route! We will be going through all 4 quadrants of D.C. in a meandering style so it’s important we all STAY TOGETHER. Like to go fast? Cool, but don’t bring the rest of the group with you, please. This is a group ride at a cruise pace.

2- We’ll meet in DuPont and be leaving the Circle heading NORTH on Connecticut until we veer right onto 20th Street. Get ready to get your cork on. Getting out of the Circle is always one of the most difficult parts!

3- We will be leaving at 8pm sharp, so if you need to fix a flat, fill your water bottle, etc, please do it ahead of time!4- Don’t forget your lights, lock, helmet, gloves, water, hot chocolate, and/or a snack if you think you’ll need it. This month’s ride is a little shorter than months before, but don’t think the cold weather means you can’t work up a sweat! Know your own body and take care of it so we can see you through to the after party!

5- CORKING. we need EVERYONE to do their part on this. The ride is too large for designated corkers, so help keep us together. If you come to an intersection that is already being corked, feel free to relieve that person to catch up to their friends! Always be kind to drivers and be safe.

6- Our Pitstop is in SW DC, followed by another quick stop at the SW Waterfront Holiday Tree for a group photo. We’ll be carrying our bikes down a very short flight of stairs after that so keep that in mind when toting trailers.

7- The ride ends at the Rock n’ Roll Hotel where there will be extended Happy Hour specials going all night. Don’t forget to stop by the WABA holiday party just a couple blocks down at Smith Commons, too!

See you tonight, DCBP

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