D.C. Bike Party “Gears & Green Beers” St. Patrick’s Day Ride Update

1) Here is the final route: http://goo.gl/maps/P3jDe We’ll ride for just about 8 miles, with a pit-stop is in Trinidad (West Virginia & Neal NE). Ride ends at The Wonderland Ballroom in Columbia Heights.

2) Meet time is 7:30pm at the DuPont Circle fountain. We leave at exactly 8pm so if you need to fix a flat, fill up your water bottle, find your friends, etc—please do so ahead of time.

3) STAY TOGETHER AND BE SMART. Follow the people with the flags attached to their bikes– you can’t miss them. Some of you love to ride fast, some of you don’t. D.C. Bike Party is a slow, cruising ride. We ask that those of you who love to ride fast do NOT lead the pack. The route takes us a long time to put together and when people who don’t know it get up front, you inevitably end up taking the ENTIRE bike party in the wrong direction.

4) Be nice, be respectful—we’re not doing this to upset cars or pedestrians, but when a huge group is taking up a lane of traffic, tempers tend to flare. You catch more bees with honey, DCBP.

5) Protect your fellow rider. We need all the help we can corking intersections, but please only do so when it’s safe. It’s no big deal if we pause for traffic, so don’t get worked up trying to cork a busy intersection. Remember, it’s a bike PARTY.

6) Get into it! This is a St. Patty’s Day themed ride, so we expect to see you in as much green swag as you can get your hands on. Also, most of you know we have a pretty epic mobile soundsystem, but with our size group it never hurts to bring your own tunes. Feel free!

7) Have fun. Be Safe. Bike Party.

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