Some final notes about tonight’s toga bike party

1) Here is the final route: [] Please meet at the East side of DuPont Circle, on the grassy area between New Hampshire Avenue and P Street. We’ll ride for about 8.3 miles, with a pit-stop on Capitol Hill. The after party is at Bardo Brewpub on Bladensburg Road. City Bikes is generously providing bike parking for DCBP participants inside the bar area until 11:45pm, so no need to do the DC Bike Party parking scramble once we arrive at Bardo!

2) STAY TOGETHER. The leaders are the people in the yellow D.C. Bike Party shirts and/or reflective vests and/or with flags on their bikes. The route leaders and MPD will be stopping at all red and yellow lights. The rest of the ride will be going through so that the ride can move as quickly as possible, as a whole, through the city. There will also be several ride Marshals and MPD officers dispersed throughout the group. Finally, we will have Sweepers in charge of the end of the ride who will make sure no one is left alone if they’ve got a flat or an injury.

3) CHILL. This IS NOT critical mass. This IS NOT an alleycat race, this IS NOT meant to be anything but fun for EVERYONE. D.C. Bike Party is a slow, cruising ride and it’s meant for riders of ALL levels. Do not speed in front of route Leaders, do not get crazy and ride into oncoming traffic lanes. We will have MPD with us to make sure these rules are followed.

4) RESPECT. DC Bike Party is meant to be a fun, community building activity. We’re not doing this to upset cars or pedestrians, but when a huge group is taking up a lane of traffic, tempers tend to flare. If a driver or pedestrian gets upset, please say something like “Hi, this is just going to take a couple minutes. Thank you for being patient. We’re really sorry if this is inconveniencing you.” There is nothing gained by starting a conflict.

5) HELP EACHOTHER. Protect your fellow rider. If you see a pothole, train tracks, or anything else you think might be an issue, shout it out! It’ll create a human telephone chain all through the Bike Party and keep everyone safe. Remember, this is your ride, too. We have some great volunteers, but it’s up to EVERYONE to keep this group safe and fun! If you see someone acting up– call em’ out!

6) GET INTO IT! This is a big fat Greek bike party. Wrap yourself up in a toga, get a gold leafed crown on your head, and make that bike into a chariot. TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

7) Be safe. Show respect. Have fun. BIKE PARTY.

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